Friday, March 25, 2011

Waffles Around the World

"I've waffled before. I'll waffle again." ~ Howard Dean

Every weekend, my sweet hubby rolls out of bed to make waffles. And while I would like to think that the love of my life is cooking up those delicious, golden wafers for me, I realize he's mostly cooking them up for our son.

Our little boy LOVES waffles! He can eat them for breakfast, lunch and dinner (and yes, we actually let him do this once when he was sick). He eats them plain or with syrup. Sometimes he even mixes it up eating 1 quarter of the waffle without syrup and the rest with syrup!

I'm pretty much a waffle purist. I usually eat them plain. I love it when they're crispy, yet fluffy inside. Sometimes I'll add apple butter for extra flavor.

And my husband... well, he's not really a breakfast eater. But if he's actually going to eat breakfast, it's going to be a waffle on those Saturday mornings.

Really... who can resist a waffle?

That's probably why today is International Waffle Day!

The holiday was started in Sweden. (They are clearly not neutral over their love of fried sugar dough!) And since I have a bit of Swedish ancestry, I think I'll go ahead and claim this holiday as part of my heritage.

While I was researching waffle facts for I discovered that people put almost anything on waffles! There's the "normal" powdered sugar, fruit, whipped topping, or syrup. Some people prefer, honey, peanut butter or chocolate syrup (over their chocolate waffles). And then (and I have heard of this before) there are several restaurants that serve chicken and waffles!

And there are many ways to make waffles. But the two main batter versions are either with yeast or without. Hmm... I may have to do some extra taste-testing to find out which one is the best!

Imagine a world where everyone had a waffle to enjoy! I'm sure peace could be established... at least long enough to chow down a delicious, golden, honeycombed treat!